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Our Sacred Partners

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Clearpath Herbals

Chris Marano, Master Herbalist

Chris has over thirty-five years (and counting) of deep study and practice in the spiritual, philosophical and healing richness of Chinese Medicine, Buddhism and Taoism. His entryway and continued exploration in this field is unique, and separates Chris from most other practitioners of Chinese Medicine in the U.S., whether as acupuncturists or as herbalists.

Jerry Marchand

Rock n' Bone Minerals

Celtic Harp

Jerry is an avid field collector of gems, minerals, crystals, and fossils. He makes hand-made jewelry and operates his own business selling these one-of-a-kind items, along with his musical performances and recordings. Jerry is a frequent performer at area events, where fans come to see him year after year. He attracts a loyal following who love his music and his exhibits of unique gems and minerals that he has mined himself.

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Katelyn Carpenter

Welcome Katelynn, our newest energy worker to the Sacred Roots tribe! An old soul at heart, while still young in spirit and full of life, Katelynn has been practicing energy, manifestation, and intuitive work for several years. She is a social worker in the Greater Springfield area who has found deep purpose and belonging in the healing arts community. 


Tarot Card Readings

Oracle Spread Readings

Intuitive Readings

Elements of Spirit Guides &

Power Animal Totem Readings


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Join Jennifer Marie & Sacred Roots Healing

for this Journey of Evolution!


Through this 9-month training you will learn the healing techniques of the Andean Shamans and evolve on all levels! All sessions begin with morning Tai Chi practice, to cultivate and feel your energy (Qi) to prepare for the deep healing tools shared in the afternoon sessions.

Nash Atkins 

"The Deeper Song" 

Sound Journeys and Sound Healing 

Come bath in the transformational vibrations with resident sound wizard Nash Atkins aka "The Deeper Song". Nash has been playing, performing and studying music since the age of 7. After graduating Berklee College of Music and going through intense spiritual awakenings and realizations, Nash began to learn to encourage creativity, create healing sounds, and work with the physical, emotional, and spiritual spectrum of holistic health. 

For the last 6 years Nash has honed his fresh techniques in sound healing, and is very excited to continue to offer unique events to the Sacred Roots Community including Sound Journeys, Private Sound Sessions, and Ecstatic Dance. 

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