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Back Massage


A unique wellbeing experience, promoting human health


Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. Our experienced Body Workers at Sacred Roots are here to support you mentally & physically working with you to help you to restore your balance and find your center.


Our services range from Shiatsu and Thai Massage, Shamanic Healing, Deep Tissue, Reiki, and much, much more! 

Interested in Scheduling a Bodywork Session with Jen or Steve? Call or text  us at 413-252-9952 to book your next appointment!

Traditional Table Massage with Steve 

Deep Tissue Massage - 60/90/120 Minute

Deep pressure to release stagnant, painful or tight muscles using a variety of techniques

60 Min // $90

90 Min // $125

120 Min //$160


Meditative Massage - 60/90/120 Minute

Soothing restorative and meditative massage

60 Min // $80

90 Min // $110

120 Min //140

Bodywork & Healing with Jen 


 Thai Massage/Bodywork

Bodywork with assisted stretching with massage

60 Min // $75

90 Min // $110

120 Min // $145

Shiatsu & Thai Fusion 

Combo of Shiatsu & Thai stretch to move energy

60 Min // $80

90 Min // $115

120 Min // $150

Shiatsu, Thai & Reiki Fusion

60 Min // $90

90 Min // $ 125

120 Min // $175

Combo of Thai, Shiatsu & Reiki for total body healing & balance

The Ultimate Mind-Body Bliss Fusion 

 This luxurious session includes 45 minutes of Shiatsu, Thai Bodywork & Reiki as well as 45 minutes of table work on your back, neck & shoulders, or anyone area of concentration using warm therapeutic herb-infused organic Ayurvedic oil and combining Guasha or Cupping as desired. Shamanic Healing can be added, please allow 120 minutes for that treatment.

90 Min // $150

120 Min // $190

Shamanic Healing with Jen

Shamanic Reiki 

Combo of Shamanic Healing & Reiki

60 Min // $85

90 Min // $135

120 Min // $165


Reiki on Amethyst infused Biomat for healing energy work

60 Min // $75

90 Min // $110

Soul Retrieval 

120 Min // $190

Journey into the subconscious mind to find parts of the soul that have been fragmented through various traumas, find what is holding you back, where you may have given up parts of your essence, your true self. Reclaim these parts and create a new soul-empowered narrative, regaining these powerful parts of the self. 

Contact Jen for free consultation

Ultimate Chakra Healing 

Channel unity and balance between your mind, body, and soul, feel the freedom of fully cleared and balanced chakras. This session will be on an infrared heated chakra mat with stones correlating to each chakra, the PEMF technology of the mat uses electromagnetic fields to enhance your body's overall functioning at a cellular level. Tuning forks specifically tuned to the frequency of each chakra will be used along with a full rainbow chakra illumination shamanic healing session. This is great for depression, sadness, grief, and an overall feeling of stagnation in the body.

60 Min // $ 95

90 Min // $ 150

You can add on any of the following healing options to your bodywork session 

Cupping & GuaSha - Add-On

Move Chi, relieve and break up stubborn tension, fascia, and soft tissue manipulation, increase circulation and range of movement

Cupping/GuaSha $10 add-on

$35 per 30 Min session if not adding to a service

Rainbow Chakra Illumination - Add-On or Full Service

Shamanic Healing Session focused on clearing chakras & luminous field, clears out triggers of old emotions, the release of Samskara allowing for a free-flow of energy ease to the body and immune-system. Session on the infrared heated PEMF chakra mat.

50 Min // $90

Power Animal Journey - Add-On or Full Service 

Guided Shamanic journey receiving guidance from your Spirit Animal

$20 add-on

$40 per 30 Min session if not adding to a service

Cord Cutting - Add on

Cut energetic ties, release emotional attachment, & create balance

$20 add-on

$40 per 30 Min session if not adding to a service

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