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Sound Healing 
Frequencies created to uplift and align your life


Vibration is a powerful force for healing. Sound is shown through science and the long line of human history to help lessen pain, bring emotions into balance, and give a sense of peace, concentration, and unity. Each frequency reaches a different system in the body, so come experience what it's like to turn on all the subtle resonances of which we are all made. 


Biofield Tuning Private Sound Session

Harmonize your body, mind, and spirit 

Biofield Tuning is a practice of using tuning forks and other sounds to smooth out disturbances in the electromagnetic and energetic field of the body. 

Other instruments used when needed 


30 Min // $60

60 Min // $100

120 Min //$170

Call or Email for info on Small Group Sessions

Soul Essence Activation Private Sound Session 

Receive the blessings of the universe to awaken your inspirations through sound. This penetrating sonic bath will gently call your Soul Essence into action by invoking powerful emotions. Profoundly move the feeling body with intuitively composed music and speaking to sleeping or forgotten parts of the self. After sinking in you will feel lighter, clearer, more fluid, and capable of confident decision making. Through this journey, we integrate and support the muddy, fearful, and doubting critical parts of the self. Vibrate into the highest version of yourself today!The soundscape may include singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, singing, nature recordings, gongs, guitar, harp, didgeridoo, synthesizer, chimes, bells, monochord, shakers, and more.

75 Min // $150


Longer sessions available by Call or Email 

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